“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

Nothing can be as hard as simplicity. People tweeting a lot know that. Keeping it simple and in 140 characters often is a real challenge. But every time we manage to focus and zoom in on importance, something great happens – because there lies genius within convergence.

This is where LimiMi comes in! LimiMi (Limit Me) is a tool to filter your everyday tasks and thereby helps you, to stick to what is really important , instead of getting stuck. Actually, LimiMi is even ahead of that – it simply does not let you come to the point where you get overwhelmed by your daily grind.

LimiMi iPhones

LimiMe offers you a ToDo list with a maximum of five ToDos. For every new task you want to put on the list, you first need to erase one of your existing five tasks. This way, LimiMi forces you to get stuff done or get rid of stuff that is not urgent or important at all.

Fix yourself to a limit – with LimiMi.

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